verbasuntpotentia: Also new here, moved for school?

yeah and it bloooows aha, howabout you? 

Anyone cool in Ottawa?
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Cut the poison out of your life. No matter what - or whom - it may be.

Jeigo - It’s going to hurt before it gets better (via jeigo)


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Chris Enos
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The people should not be afraid of their government. The
government should be afraid of their people.

Holy fucking shit is this relevant.

This needs 1 million notes

Reblog this every fucking time I see it

Anonymous: 03, 11, 22, 27, 32, 36, 42

3. I’m so not ready to grow up. 

11. I thought I was but as of recently, I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed and anxious about everything.

22. Not all of it ! 

27. Jamba juice

32. My feelings are super mixed about what will be happening in the next month.. I’m going to college for baking and pastry arts and will be living in a new city in my own apartment.. Super weird, I think I’m more scared than excited to be honest.

36. I don’t wear color really but I like red and Tiffany blue (not together obviously) 

42. The majority of the time it makes me really anxious but I’ve been working on it the past while because of going to school and all and it’s not so bad anymore :) 

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